Scott Simpson



Scott Simpson (46) has been racing mountain bikes since the early 1990s. He raced as a pro-elite until 1996 then made the transition to racing on the road until retiring and getting fat in the early 2000s. At the age of forty, Scott decided it was time to get back into cycling and has been chasing his past glory ever since. Scott is a partner and Notary with Simpson Notaries with locations serving the Fraser Valley. Scott is married to Jacquie Simpson and has two children, Lucas and Olivia.


Among the many mediocre results in his 1st and current cycling careers, Scott considers his 10th at the Canadian National Championships in 1994 to be his proudest moment. The regular crushing of local legend Mike Levy would be a very close second.


Date of Birth: Feb 26, 1969

Place of Birth: Chilliwack, BC

Discipline: Mountain Bike XC, Road.

2015 Team: Cahilty Racing

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