Nigel Thompson



Unlike the rest of my team mates I have never been a high level cyclist. At 200 lbs. at age 44 I decided that at 5’5” short I should do some kind of exercise that I liked. I then remembered that I use to enjoy riding a bike. So I bought a mountain bike and started riding the mighty “downs bowl” in Abbotsford. After about two weeks that became boring and somebody told me about this ledgeveiw place. WOW now that was fun however not many people were able to ride up there when I wanted to. I rode alone and scared the life out of my wife each time she heard the helicopter going up there to rescue some poor soul who became a part of the terrain. (CRASHED) Long story short, and it is along story, I switched to a highbred and rode the ride to conquer cancer for the first four years of its existence in honour of my wife’s best friend who died three days before the first ride. Seeing all those really fast bikes, and riders, encouraged me to step into the world of road racing. I started at the bottom of the class standings with the Phoenix Velo Training group and just last year I earned my way into the top tier of riding with them.

I am simply a good Canadian and am “just happy to be there” (Not). I will be whatever the team needs me to be with regards to racing and will be an encouraging team mate. Oh right, my greatest claim to fame would be the Master race win 2014 Thunderbird course. I placed first in my age category and 4th overall.

I currently Coach elementary school student with the iRide program and enjoy sharing my experience as a cyclist with the up and coming young people. I volunteer with Phoenix Velo youth, training in Mission BC.


Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC

Discipline: Road

2015 Team: Cahilty Racing

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