Member Guidelines

Cahilty Racing is a race oriented team. We believe the best way to create support for cycling and to inspire youth in cycling is by visibly demonstrating our sport at a high level. Our members will be chosen based on the following important attributes:

  • Team members should be viewed by the general community as responsible role models.
  • Team members should be willing to invest time into the sport of cycling.
  • Team members should be race oriented and competitive at local races.
  • Team members should be viewed by younger riders as role models.
  • Team members should be willing to support team dynamics in the peloton.

Team members will be selected by a team selection committee of at least 2 current team members who will meet regularly to discuss applicants. Team membership must be renewed each year prior to the race season. Note that special exceptions for team membership may be granted based on the discretion of the team selection committee.


The following criteria must be met to be eligible for team selection:

Must be a Phoenix Velo club member.

Must be a regular participant in “A” group at the Wednesday night Phoenix Velo Crit races.

Must purchase at least one team race kit (Jersey and Shorts)


There will be no fee required to race with this team. However a team kit is required and can be purchased at cost through the team or its Jersey provider. Team kits will be updated annually to reflect new sponsorship (if required), therefore it may become a requirement to purchase a new kit each year.


Local bike shops will be encouraged to sponsor the team. One of the team objectives is to support Local Bike Shops. As such, Local Bike Shops will not be required to offer special discounts or services to team members.
Commercial businesses will also be encouraged to sponsor the team. The team objective is to be “not-for-profit”, therefore any funding provided by sponsors will be injected into the team to support its racers, or back into the cycling community. A committee of at least 2 team members will decide how funds will be spent.